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Extra Tall Maxi Metal Walk-Thru Gate w/Small Pet Door and Extensions
Extra Tall Maxi Metal Walk Thru Gate w Small Pet Door and Extensions
This tall wall-mounted gate is perfect for extra-large openings. Simple wall mount system allows for easy installation and removal.
SKU # 5135903
Chuckit! Plush Indoor Boomerang
Chuckit Plush Indoor Boomerang
Developed for interactive indoor game time, the Chuckit Boomerang is bound to become your playful pooch's favorite toy.
SKU # 5108659
Companion Road? Life of the Party Tee
Companion Road Life of the Party Tee
Bring out your pup's inner party animal Our Life of the Party tee is sure to get her noticed at the next tail waggin' celebration. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5129524
Chloramine Buster
Chloramine Buster
A one step formula to keep your pond safe for plants and fish.
SKU # 5079507
Companion Road? Official Princess Tee
Companion Road Official Princess Tee
Fit for a furry royal highness, rhinestones and metallic appliqu adorn this fashionable tee. A shimmery stamp declares your little lady an official graduate of the princess university Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing
SKU # 5128876
Dotted Eat Bowl
Dotted Eat Bowl
This white bowl matches any home decor and is the fashionable way to serve up your pet's meal .
SKU # 5121035
Hand Painted Ceramic Dishware
Hand Painted Ceramic Dishware
These glazed ceramic accessories are adorned with colorful pawprints inside and out. Choose from several colors.
SKU # 5042330
Companion Road? Lifeguard Swim Trunks
Companion Road Lifeguard Swim Trunks
Get your barkin' beach baby back into the swim of things Red, nylon lifeguard swim trunks have an elasticized wasteband and velcro closure for the perfect fit. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5128958
Companion Road? Cuter than Your Kid Tank
Companion Road Cuter than Your Kid Tank
Like you can help it It's not bragging when it's the truth. Go ahead. compliment your pampered pooch and his wardrobe with our Cuter than your kid tank. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5129539
Companion Road? Sailor Shirt
Companion Road Sailor Shirt
Ships Ahoy Your four-legged first mate will be in ship-shape on or off deck wearing our nautical sailor shirt. Lightweight 100% cotton ensures their comfort while riding the high seas, lounging at the yacht club or simply cruisin' around town. Click
SKU # 5128789
Crabworx Hotel Ornament for Hermit Crabs
Crabworx Hotel Ornament for Hermit Crabs
An appealing daytime hideaway for hermit crabs, designed to provide a secure resting zone out of the light.
SKU # 5123307
Concepts My Dog Picture Frame
Concepts My Dog Picture Frame
Display your dashing dog for the world to see .
SKU # 5130395
Caddis Clear Cat Placemat
Caddis Clear Cat Placemat
A cute and functional way to keep your kitty's eating area clean.
SKU # 5084383
Color Blocks Elevated Feeders
Color Blocks Elevated Feeders
Two-tone stoneware bowls nestle in a matte white wood base with stainless steel handles.
SKU # 5095791
Catnip Feather Top Carrot
Catnip Feather Top Carrot
A cute refillable catnip toy.
SKU # 5061637
Companion Road? Witch's Hat with Witchy Hair
Companion Road Witch 039 s Hat with Witchy Hair
Don't let your dog outside with this hat on if you live in Salem. She'll end up on trial for witchcraft .
SKU # 5132842
Companion Road? I'm On The List Tee
Companion Road I 039 m On The List Tee
Your dog will be the talk of the town in this tee that let's everyone know I'm on the list. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5125486
Chuckit! Tennis Fanatic Dog Toy
Chuckit Tennis Fanatic Dog Toy
With his wild, pooch-enticing eyes, dogs simply can't resist the Tennis Fanatic .
SKU # 5088126
Furry Wobbler Mice Cat Toys - Set of 3
Furry Wobbler Mice Cat Toys Set of 3
The chase is on with this three pack of furry wobbler mice that will entice you kitty from noon to night.
SKU # 5041698
Classy Kitty Tee-Pee Scratcher
Classy Kitty Tee Pee Scratcher
This catnip-infused carpet scratcher will save your furniture from the ravages of kitty claws while offering your cat an enticing place to play.
SKU # 5019201
Companion Road? Gimme a Present Tee
Companion Road Gimme a Present Tee
This bright red tee with green trim reads Gimme a present or I'll pee on your tree. It's the perfect holiday tee for the pet who demands attention and gifts Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Cha
SKU # 5125632
Dr Noys Plush Frog Dog Toy
Dr Noys Plush Frog Dog Toy
Quality, super soft plush frog will get your pup up and moving Includes an internal squeaker to grab his attention and keep it.
SKU # 5048200
Companion Road? One Hot Dog Tank
Companion Road One Hot Dog Tank
Every hot dog deserves this tank for the summer .
SKU # 5120828
Complete Pond Kit
Complete Pond Kit
Everything you need to build a beautiful pond habitat in one easy kit .
SKU # 5081742
Alpo Come N' Get It Dog Food
Alpo Come N 039 Get It Dog Food
Now your dog can have a variety of tastes in one meal .
SKU # 5093541
Super Pet CritterTrail Outlook Small Pet Home
Super Pet CritterTrail Outlook Small Pet Home
Super Pet CritterTrail Outlook Small Pet Home.
SKU # 5088408
Companion Road? Yield to the Princess Tee
Companion Road Yield to the Princess Tee
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most pampered pup of all Your barking beauty will sashay into summer all dolled up in our Yield to the Princess tee. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5129461
Harley-Davidson Pet T-Shirts
Harley Davidson Pet T Shirts
It's the T-Shirt that says it all: your dog is living high on the H.O.G. Sleek black T-Shirt features the H-D Bars & Shield logo. Select sizes on clearance. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5013234
Swatical Cool Cat Toy
Swatical Cool Cat Toy
This paw-powered toy will keep your cat happily occupied for hours .
SKU # 5065054
Companion Road? You Can't Afford Me Tank
Companion Road You Can 039 t Afford Me Tank
For the little lady who wouldn't give a tramp a chance This glittering tank with rhinestone decal makes more than just a fashion statement. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5129534
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