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Squirrel Catnip Toy by Cats With An Attitude
Squirrel Catnip Toy by Cats With An Attitude
Fuzzy, fun squirrel has a big, bushy tail that will have your cat pouncing and playing for hours. Includes 2 T-Nip catnip pouches.
SKU # 5056445
SeaClear Scratch Kit for Acrylic Aquariums
SeaClear Scratch Kit for Acrylic Aquariums
Use to rub out everything from surface marks to deep scratches. Includes 2 types of polish and fine-grain sandpaper.
SKU # 5052055
Alpo Come N' Get It Dog Food
Alpo Come N 039 Get It Dog Food
Now your dog can have a variety of tastes in one meal .
SKU # 5093541
Baby biOrb 5 Watt Halogen Bulb 2 pack
Baby biOrb 5 Watt Halogen Bulb 2 pack
Pack of 2 safe, low voltage (12V 5W) halogen light bulbs for baby biOrb light unit, with full fitting instructions.
SKU # 5116485
GreenWays Barley Straw Pads for Ponds
GreenWays Barley Straw Pads for Ponds
The simple, natural way to keep ponds clean and clear all year long.
SKU # 5016119
Choobles Variety Packs
Choobles Variety Packs
Choose from nearly one full pound of beef and pork treats or a 10 pack of roasted beef and lamb bones.
SKU # 5004166
Super Pet&reg CritterTrail&reg Expansion Kit 2
Super Pet amp reg CritterTrail amp reg Expansion Kit 2
Fun and colorful design keeps your small pet entertained by adding new and different places to play and hide.
SKU # 5112709
Sniffers Chewy Chicken & Cheese Snacks
Sniffers Chewy Chicken amp Cheese Snacks
Bite sized and low fat dog candy with natural ingredients. Chewy, semi-moist bits made with real meat and cheese.
SKU # 5116852
Companion Road? Canine All-Star Dress
Companion Road Canine All Star Dress
Sydney is tickled pink in this sporty casual dress with a feminine flare. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5128606
Anti-Jump Dog Harness
Anti Jump Dog Harness
Dog harness prevents jumping by restraining the dog's hind legs.
SKU # 2213811
Bubble Stump Reptile Waterer
Bubble Stump Reptile Waterer
The bubbling stump reptiles will love.
SKU # 5095731
Two Mice Catnip Toys by Cats With An Attitude
Two Mice Catnip Toys by Cats With An Attitude
A pair of mice guarantees feline fun If one happens to get hidden, there's always a back-up. Includes 2 T-Nip catnip pouches.
SKU # 5056441
Chuckit! Small Flying Squirrel Dog Toy
Chuckit Small Flying Squirrel Dog Toy
Designed to keep your dog on the chase, this squirrel-shaped disc will stir up some interactive fun between you and your dog.
SKU # 5064008
Extra Tall Flexi Metal Walk-Thru Gate w/Small Pet Door and Extensions
Extra Tall Flexi Metal Walk Thru Gate w Small Pet Door and Extensions
This tall wall-mounted gate is perfect for irregular or off-set openings because it can conform to any shape that is required.
SKU # 5135904
biOrb and biUbe Plant Ring
biOrb and biUbe Plant Ring
Designed to fit over the central bubble tube and provide instant decoration.
SKU # 5112255
Pond Pad Floater Frame
Pond Pad Floater Frame
Keeps pond pads suspended for best performance.
SKU # 5079505
Easy Rider Car Harness
Easy Rider Car Harness
Help your pooch head out on the highway in safety and comfort with the Easy Rider Car Harness. Makes the trip safer for both the dog and the driver.
SKU # 5033112
Chuckit! Plush Indoor Boomerang
Chuckit Plush Indoor Boomerang
Developed for interactive indoor game time, the Chuckit Boomerang is bound to become your playful pooch's favorite toy.
SKU # 5108659
Nuzzle Nest Dog Beds
Nuzzle Nest Dog Beds
Sink in to this comfy, bean bag-like bed. Bed conforms to your pet's body shape to make the ultimate sleeping nest.
SKU # 5095516
Clear Pond Quick Fix
Clear Pond Quick Fix
A non-hazardous and safe treatment. Quick Fix uses the power of oxygen to safely, quickly and efficiently clear-up your pond in minutes. Starts working immediately to clean pond water Clears debris from rocks and waterfalls Quick Fix works through a
SKU # 5120398
Concepts Pet Photo Holders
Concepts Pet Photo Holders
These self-standing picture holders proudly display a small snap-shot of your furry friend.
SKU # 5130397
CaribSea Aragonite Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand
CaribSea Aragonite Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand
The ideal substrate for marine, reef or African Cichlids.
SKU # 5082033
Super Pet? CritterTrail? Turn-About
Super Pet CritterTrail Turn About
Creates a unique exercise accessory that orbits in one place.
SKU # 5112714
Coastal Pet Products Nylon Puppy Collars
Coastal Pet Products Nylon Puppy Collars
Durable 5/8 inch wide nylon in puppy-perfect colors. A great value .
SKU # 5032665
Companion Road? I Love Mailmen Tee
Companion Road I Love Mailmen Tee
Does your dog go postal at the mere sight of the mailman Let your dog express his affinity for the man that never fails to deliver, neither rain nor shine. Click More details below for a link to our Apparel Sizing Chart.
SKU # 5129479
Wild Field Mouse Cat Toy by Cats With An Attitude
Wild Field Mouse Cat Toy by Cats With An Attitude
This furry little field mouse is perfect for keeping your cat entertained. Features fresh catnip in the T-Nip catnip pouch.
SKU # 5017574
Purina Cat Chow
Purina Cat Chow
Balanced nutrition for cats of all ages.
SKU # 1221140
Classy Kitty Tee-Pee Scratcher
Classy Kitty Tee Pee Scratcher
This catnip-infused carpet scratcher will save your furniture from the ravages of kitty claws while offering your cat an enticing place to play.
SKU # 5019201
Companion Road? Wicker Cat Bed
Companion Road Wicker Cat Bed
A relaxing hideout for your cat.
SKU # 5084964
PetSmart Charities Pet Carrier
PetSmart Charities Pet Carrier
Collapsible cardboard carrier works well as a temporary carrier for quick trips to the vet or groomer.
SKU # 5019628
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