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Denta Green Mint Flavored Treat Bone for Small Dogs & Puppies
Denta Green Mint Flavored Treat Bone for Small Dogs amp Puppies
Mint flavored treat bones help nip dental problems in the bud.
SKU # 5056891
Denta Clean Gentle-Dental Mini Treats
Denta Clean Gentle Dental Mini Treats
These soft treats help keep sensitive teeth clean. Great alternative to rawhide and other hard chews.
SKU # 5136041
Top Extension for Metal Gates
Top Extension for Metal Gates
Gives 8 more height to your existing gate great for taller dogs.
SKU # 5096694
Dentley's Rawhide Chew Flips
Dentley 039 s Rawhide Chew Flips
One or two full pounds of high-protein, fun-to-chew rawhide flips.
SKU # 1611702
Dingo Brand Rawhide Chews
Dingo Brand Rawhide Chews
These chews combine traditional rawhide with real chicken jerky for a totally irresistible treat.
SKU # 5056351
Dingo Mini Denta-Treats
Dingo Mini Denta Treats
Perfectly proportioned for small breed dogs, Mini Denta-Treats promote good oral hygiene by scraping away plaque and tartar build-up as they chew.
SKU # 5126690
Drinkwell Pet Fountain Replacement Filters
Drinkwell Pet Fountain Replacement Filters
Three pack of replacement filter cartridges for all Drinkwell Pet Fountains to keep your pet's water clean and fresh.
SKU # 5073555
Dingo Rawhide Goof Balls 4-Pack
Dingo Rawhide Goof Balls 4 Pack
The irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality natural rawhide.
SKU # 5017458
Drinkwell BIG-DOG Water Fountain
Drinkwell BIG DOG Water Fountain
Uses a free-falling stream of water to continually aerate your pet's water with healthful oxygen. Click More details below for a link to the Product Manual.
SKU # 5101986
Hava Hip and Joint Formula
Hava Hip and Joint Formula
Features Glucosamine and Chondroitin with Vitamin C for dogs.
SKU # 5119173
Dingo Mini Rawhide Chews
Dingo Mini Rawhide Chews
Treat the little guy to a healthy snack seven days a week. He'll start marking the calendar .
SKU # 5072807
Dentley's Small Dog & Puppy Rawhide Bone Multi Pack
Dentley 039 s Small Dog amp Puppy Rawhide Bone Multi Pack
Peanut butter and rawhide might be the quintessential American dog bone, and it won't stick to the roof of your dog's mouth.
SKU # 5084214
Drinkwell Replacement Filter Cartridges
Drinkwell Replacement Filter Cartridges
These filters work for all Drinkwell Pet Fountains and keep water clean and fresh.
SKU # 5121496
Dentley's Premium Basted Rawhide
Dentley 039 s Premium Basted Rawhide
Premium quality beef hide with delicious flavors basted right in are a special treat for your favorite pooch. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 1611730
Dentley's Premium Natural Rawhide Twists
Dentley 039 s Premium Natural Rawhide Twists
For the rawhide purist, nothing beats the big, beefy taste of Dentley's Premium Natural Rawhide.
SKU # 1611731
Dentley's Basted Rawhide Bones Multi-Pack
Dentley 039 s Basted Rawhide Bones Multi Pack
Stock up on tasty, healthy beef and chicken basted rawhide bones.
SKU # 5062685
Pondmaster 1500 Garden Pond Filter System
Pondmaster 1500 Garden Pond Filter System
Combines an easy-to-use filter with a high-tech, fully submersible Magnetic Drive (500 gph) water pump. For ponds up to 1000 gallons.
SKU # 1833243
Dentley's Rawhide Basted Bones
Dentley 039 s Rawhide Basted Bones
Who wants a big bone Do you want a big bone Who's a good boy Who's my good boy You are Yes, you are Sit.
SKU # 5127239
Denta Clean Mouth Rinse with Coenzyme Q10
Denta Clean Mouth Rinse with Coenzyme Q10
Add this concentrate to your dog's drinking water to promote healthy gums and fresh breath.
SKU # 5051331
Denta Green Big Bones
Denta Green Big Bones
These low-fat, high fiber snacks help promote clean, fresh doggie breath .
SKU # 5116773
Dentley's Choobles Natural Knee Bones
Dentley 039 s Choobles Natural Knee Bones
Your dog will love digging into the yummy, beefy, basted flavor of these thick and sturdy knee bones Great for aggressive chewers in medium to larger breeds.
SKU # 5112962
DuraScoop? Cat Litter Scoops
DuraScoop Cat Litter Scoops
Real scoops designed like real tools sturdy, durable construction that won't break or bend to get to the bottom of dirty litter pans.
SKU # 5125876
Drymate Cat Bowl Place Mat
Drymate Cat Bowl Place Mat
When placed under your cat's food and water dishes, this innovative mat absorbs and contains spills to protect your carpet and floors.
SKU # 5121829
Dentley's Rawhide Munchy Logs
Dentley 039 s Rawhide Munchy Logs
Canine-approved flavors are added to these Munchy Logs for a delicious and satisfying chew. Select items on clearance.
SKU # 5003475
DentaGreen Value Pack
DentaGreen Value Pack
Get 11 bones for the price of 10 in this value pack of treats that help keep teeth clean and freshen breath.
SKU # 5057067
Brush'ems Plus Dental Treats for Dogs
Brush 039 ems Plus Dental Treats for Dogs
Brush'ems Plus Dental Treats are bone-shaped brushes that whisk away plaque and tartar build-up as your pup chews. Not only do these premium treats promote oral hygiene, they also support healthy joint functioning with added glucosamine a
SKU # 5126476
Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack
Dentley 039 s Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack
These Variety Packs have plenty of Compressed Rawhide to keep the tough chewers happy. Several shapes per pack.
SKU # 5003592
Drinkwell Aqua Garden Hydroponic Cat Grass
Drinkwell Aqua Garden Hydroponic Cat Grass
Use the continuously circulating water of the 50 oz. Drinkwell Pet Fountain (not included) to grow kitty grass in just a few days Click More details below for a link to view Detailed Instructions and Growing Tips for the Aqua Garden.
SKU # 5118952
D-Worm Liquid Wormer
D Worm Liquid Wormer
An effective treatment for large roundworms. Safe and effective for use on cats and dogs of all ages.
SKU # 5049511
Denta Clean Gentle-Dental Twists
Denta Clean Gentle Dental Twists
Put a new twist on your dog's dental routine These soft, twisted treats are the perfect treat for dogs with sensitive teeth.
SKU # 5136043
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