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LitterMaid Cat Litter
LitterMaid Cat Litter
Premuim clumping litter that's safe for you and your cat.
SKU # 5081245
Nylon Dog Couplers
Nylon Dog Couplers
Great for Walking 2 or 3 dogs together.1/2 inch wide.
SKU # 5039046
Lafeber Sunny Orchard Nutri-Berries for Parakeets, Cockatiels and Lovebirds
Lafeber Sunny Orchard Nutri Berries for Parakeets Cockatiels and Lovebirds
Nutri-Berries Sunny Orchard for Parakeets, Cockatiels and Lovebirds, 10 oz.
SKU # 5037231
Deluxe Amphibian Lagoon
Deluxe Amphibian Lagoon
Create a safe and comfortable home for your small amphibian, including frogs, salamanders and hermit crabs.
SKU # 5016496
Lafeber Premium Daily Diet for Parakeets
Lafeber Premium Daily Diet for Parakeets
Premium Daily Diet Parakeet Food, 5 lb.
SKU # 5037254
L'Avian Plus TropikTreet
L 039 Avian Plus TropikTreet
All natural treat mix for birds. Select items on clearance.
SKU # 5110677
Lil' Paw(tm) Reflective Nylon Collar
Lil 039 Paw tm Reflective Nylon Collar
Be safe and look great Bright, reflective nylon collar guarantees that your dog will stand out in the dark of night. Perfectly sized for the petite dog.
SKU # 5129027
Mr. Spats Scratch-R-Cizer
Mr Spats Scratch R Cizer
A heavy-duty sisal scratcher in a sturdy plastic frame. Includes high-quality catnip to encourage use. Recommended by veterinarians.
SKU # 5051190
Laguna Multi Hose Adapter
Laguna Multi Hose Adapter
Fits any two hoses from 3/4 to 1.5 .
SKU # 5116902
Laguna Multi-purpose Hose Adapter
Laguna Multi purpose Hose Adapter
Adapts to tubing from 3/4 to 1 1/2 .
SKU # 5116876
Lil' Paw(tm) Argyle Nylon Lead
Lil 039 Paw tm Argyle Nylon Lead
Walk your pint-sized pooch in a classic, preppy argyle style .
SKU # 5128951
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Nylon Collar with Polka-Dots
Lil 039 Paw tm Adjustable Nylon Collar with Polka Dots
Add a little splash of color to your pint-sized pooch's neck candy with this vibrant and cheerful polka-dotted collar.
SKU # 5128905
Lil' Paw(tm) Suede Sport Harness
Lil 039 Paw tm Suede Sport Harness
Go ahead, stay active and indulge in the great outdoors without sacrificing your sense of style. This versatile, suede sport harness is as adorable as it is functional. Perfectly sized for the petite dog.
SKU # 5129253
Little Gifts Dog Breed Key Chains
Little Gifts Dog Breed Key Chains
No Pet Parent's keys are complete without their very own Little Gifts charm keychain.
SKU # 5130110
Lil' Paw(tm) Leather Lead with Daisies
Lil 039 Paw tm Leather Lead with Daisies
Take time to stop and smell the flowers on your dog's daily walk. This cheerful leather lead adorned with colorful metal daisies is perfectly proportioned for pint-sized pups.
SKU # 5129066
Coarse Mechanical/Biological Filter Pad
Coarse Mechanical Biological Filter Pad
Replacement media pad for Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls and Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer Filter.
SKU # 5119167
Laguna Click-Fit Threaded Male Fitting
Laguna Click Fit Threaded Male Fitting
1 1/4 click-fit connector with 1 1/2 threaded male fitting.
SKU # 5116891
Lixit Hay Rack
Lixit Hay Rack
Hay Rack.
SKU # 5072478
Lafeber Macaw & Cockatoo Avi-Cakes Food
Lafeber Macaw amp Cockatoo Avi Cakes Food
Macaw & Cockatoo Avi-Cakes Food 16 oz.
SKU # 1041459
Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Macaw & Cockatoo Food
Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Macaw amp Cockatoo Food
Premium Daily Diet, Macaw & Cockatoo Food 5 lb.
SKU # 1041218
LM Animal Farms Absorbent Cage Liners
LM Animal Farms Absorbent Cage Liners
A safe, efficient and sanitary way to keep your pet's cage clean.
SKU # 5115516
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Filter Replacement Parts
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Filter Replacement Parts
For filters AF-94 and AF-93.
SKU # 5089820
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Striped Comfort Harness
Lil 039 Paw tm Adjustable Striped Comfort Harness
Sugar and stripes and everything nice this adorable harness is as cute as it is comfortable.
SKU # 5129009
Lixit 16 oz. Glass, Chew-Proof Bird Water Bottle
Lixit 16 oz Glass Chew Proof Bird Water Bottle
Durable, thick wall glass bottle, dishwasher safe Special no-leak design (when used as directed) Cap assembly with Stainless Steel double ball point tube Deluxe Spring Holder with Quick Connect Clips.
SKU # 5110157
Rolled Oiled Leather Dog Collars
Rolled Oiled Leather Dog Collars
Oiled leather with saddle stitching and solid brass hardware.
SKU # 5039139
Hagen Life-Glo II Fluorescent Bulbs
Hagen Life Glo II Fluorescent Bulbs
Hagen Life-Glo 2 T5 Fluorescent Bulbs emit a natural white light that provides intense illumination.
SKU # 5126373
Laxatone Hairball Remedy
Laxatone Hairball Remedy
This malt-flavored preparation is useful in the prevention and elimination of hairballs. Can also be used as a laxative to treat irregularity.
SKU # 2011800
Lil' Paw(tm) X-Small Retractable Lead
Lil 039 Paw tm X Small Retractable Lead
Make walks with your petite pooch easy without the confines of a traditional lead.
SKU # 5128522
Latigo Economy Obedience Leash
Latigo Economy Obedience Leash
Well-oiled, pliable, strong leather leashes are used and recommended by professional dog trainers.
SKU # 5039041
Simple Solution Lawn Spot Away!
Simple Solution Lawn Spot Away
Spray on brown lawn spots to instantly bring them back to a healthy green color. Safe for use around pets.
SKU # 2013083
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