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LitterMaid Carbon Replacement Filters
LitterMaid Carbon Replacement Filters
Easy to install, these replacement carbon filters will reduce litter box odors by 50% .
SKU # 5067970
Lixit Dog Water Bottles
Lixit Dog Water Bottles
Now you can provide sanitary bottle watering for dogs in temporary enclosures. For pet carriers, holding pens, display cages, and kennel.
SKU # 5095161
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Filter Replacement Parts
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Filter Replacement Parts
Replacement parts for your Lifegard AF-94 mechanical and AF-93 chemical filter modules.
SKU # 5089795
Lafeber Nutri-Berries Cockatiel Bird Food
Lafeber Nutri Berries Cockatiel Bird Food
Nutri-Berries Cockatiel Food 4 lb.
SKU # 1041176
Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath
Lixit Quick Lock Bird Bath
This plastic bird bath doubles as a feeder and fits all wire cages.
SKU # 5125325
Lil' Paw Adjustable Harness for Petite Dogs
Lil 039 Paw Adjustable Harness for Petite Dogs
Adjustable harness made specially for petite dogs.
SKU # 5093684
Nylon Dog Couplers
Nylon Dog Couplers
Great for Walking 2 or 3 dogs together.1/2 inch wide.
SKU # 5039046
Laguna Premium Spirulina & Wheat Germ Koi & Goldfish Floating Food Sticks
Laguna Premium Spirulina amp Wheat Germ Koi amp Goldfish Floating Food Sticks
Contains high grade spirulina and wheat germ.
SKU # 5116903
Lil' Paw(tm) Nylon Bubblegum Lead
Lil 039 Paw tm Nylon Bubblegum Lead
Your pup will look sweet as candy in this playful bubblegum print nylon lead.
SKU # 5129086
Lixit 16 oz. Glass, Chew-Proof Bird Water Bottle
Lixit 16 oz Glass Chew Proof Bird Water Bottle
Durable, thick wall glass bottle, dishwasher safe Special no-leak design (when used as directed) Cap assembly with Stainless Steel double ball point tube Deluxe Spring Holder with Quick Connect Clips.
SKU # 5110157
Laguna PowerJet Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kits
Laguna PowerJet Fountain Waterfall Pump Kits
High performance fountain/waterfall kits with a low maintenance foam-free strainer cage.
SKU # 5090073
Top Fin? Undergravel Filter Accessories
Top Fin Undergravel Filter Accessories
A variety of necessary accessories to fit all Top Fin and Lee's brand undgergravel filters.
SKU # 1833476
Latigo Two Dog Coupler
Latigo Two Dog Coupler
This convenient coupler takes the hassles and tangles out of walking two dogs at the same time.
SKU # 5039127
Lixit 64 oz. Water Bottle
Lixit 64 oz Water Bottle
Rabbit Water Bottle 64 oz.
SKU # 5088488
Lil' Paw(tm) Faux Croc Leather Lead
Lil 039 Paw tm Faux Croc Leather Lead
Faux croc leather lead is the perfect accessory for the pint-sized, four-legged fashionista.
SKU # 5129250
Mr. Spats Scratch-R-Cizer
Mr Spats Scratch R Cizer
A heavy-duty sisal scratcher in a sturdy plastic frame. Includes high-quality catnip to encourage use. Recommended by veterinarians.
SKU # 5051190
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Bed Filter FB300
Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Bed Filter FB300
Uniquely shaped, high-capacity biological filter designed for freshwater or saltwater aquariums up to 300 U.S. gallons.
SKU # 5089766
Laguna Table Top Pump
Laguna Table Top Pump
The Laguna Tabletop Pump is produces continuous and reliable water circulation in indoor tabletop fountains, waterfalls, statuary and hydroponic units.
SKU # 5116871
Premium Latigo Leads
Premium Latigo Leads
Top quality leather leads are double tanned and feature brass hardware. You'll love how they soften and improve with age.
SKU # 5039085
Lil' Paw(tm) Argyle Nylon Lead
Lil 039 Paw tm Argyle Nylon Lead
Walk your pint-sized pooch in a classic, preppy argyle style .
SKU # 5128951
Lixit Small Animal Treat Jar
Lixit Small Animal Treat Jar
This whimsical, paw-print patterned treat jar features an airtight, locking lid to keep your small pet's treats fresher, longer.
SKU # 5125228
Coupler for Two Small Dogs
Coupler for Two Small Dogs
Walk two small dogs using one leash Made specially for petite dogs (dogs up to 10 lbs. each).
SKU # 5094250
Lil' Paw(tm) Adjustable Striped Comfort Harness
Lil 039 Paw tm Adjustable Striped Comfort Harness
Sugar and stripes and everything nice this adorable harness is as cute as it is comfortable.
SKU # 5129009
Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Macaw & Cockatoo Food
Lafeber Premium Daily Diet Macaw amp Cockatoo Food
Premium Daily Diet, Macaw & Cockatoo Food 5 lb.
SKU # 1041218
Lil' Paw(tm) Reflective Nylon Collar
Lil 039 Paw tm Reflective Nylon Collar
Be safe and look great Bright, reflective nylon collar guarantees that your dog will stand out in the dark of night. Perfectly sized for the petite dog.
SKU # 5129027
Coarse Mechanical/Biological Filter Pad
Coarse Mechanical Biological Filter Pad
Replacement media pad for Laguna PowerFlo Filter Falls and Laguna PowerFlo Skimmer Filter.
SKU # 5119167
Hop-py Harvest Rabbit Toys
Hop py Harvest Rabbit Toys
Rabbit-safe plush toys in the shape of fruit.
SKU # 5115733
Lil' Paw(tm) Leather Comfort Harness with Flowers and Glitter
Lil 039 Paw tm Leather Comfort Harness with Flowers and Glitter
Let your little flower girl sparkle and shine as she parades around in this cheerful leather harness that features glitter and vibrantly colored flowers. Perfectly sized for petite dogs.
SKU # 5129068
Cotton Web Leads
Cotton Web Leads
Nothing beats these cotton web leads for training.
SKU # 5039047
Bird Puff Nest Material from Lixit
Bird Puff Nest Material from Lixit
Bird-Puffs So Perfect Nesting Material.
SKU # 5083905
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