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Petstages Feather Buddy Cat Toy
Petstages Feather Buddy Cat Toy
Designed to attract and keep your cat's attention, these adorable plush buddies have a bundle of feathers on the top of their head.
SKU # 5126588
Just A Buck(tm) Commemorative Mousepad
Just A Buck tm Commemorative Mousepad
Support PetSmart Charities with a donation of $5 and you'll receive a limited edition Just A Buck mousepad.
SKU # 5135599
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats
Pedigree DentaStix Dog Treats
These tasty treats keep your dog healthy inside and out Available in Mini for toy dogs, Petite for small dogs and Regular for medium to large dogs.
SKU # 5059759
Chunky Chews Knotted Rawhide Roll  by Pet Ag
Chunky Chews Knotted Rawhide Roll by Pet Ag
This is the big one Great for the biggest dogs & the hardest chewers.
SKU # 5034632
Fruit Kabobs Bird Toy
Fruit Kabobs Bird Toy
hese fruitastically fun and colorful toys will brighten any bird's cage and satisfy their craving for variety and mental stimulation .
SKU # 5052486
PetSav'r Carpet Stain Remover
PetSav 039 r Carpet Stain Remover
Is Spot living up to his name again This one-step treatment instantly removes organic stains and odors. Professional strength.
SKU # 2013411
Petzazz? Pet Bowls
Petzazz Pet Bowls
These oval-shaped high quality bowls come with non-skid bottoms and convenient lipped edge for easier handling.
SKU # 1815515
Critter Castle(tm) for Hamsters
Critter Castle tm for Hamsters
Provides lots of hiding and sleeping space for your small pet.
SKU # 5113238
Premier Celestial Gold Cloud Dog Bed
Premier Celestial Gold Cloud Dog Bed
The signature two-piece design of this bed allows for optimal comfort.
SKU # 5095297
Pup-Peroni Ribs
Pup Peroni Ribs
Chewy on the inside, meaty on the outside with the mouth-watering aroma that dogs simply can't resist .
SKU # 5111978
PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Radio Fence System
PetSafe Deluxe In Ground Radio Fence System
Keep your pet in the yard with this pet-specific customized training method.
SKU # 2413561
Pondmaster Mag-Drive Waterfall/Skimmer Pumps
Pondmaster Mag Drive Waterfall Skimmer Pumps
High-capacity, magnetic drive pumps designed specifically for use in larger pond installations.
SKU # 5089839
Pro Plan&reg Extra Care Hairball Formula Cat Food
Pro Plan amp reg Extra Care Hairball Formula Cat Food
Formulated to reduce the incidence of hairballs in normally active, healthy adult cats.
SKU # 5047012
PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer
PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer
Manage your dog's behavior at the push of a button. The Remote Stray Trainer emits a spray of harmless, lemon-scented mist that distracts your dog from unwanted behaviors.
SKU # 5134998
Cat-A-Ball Cat Toy
Cat A Ball Cat Toy
This cat toy keeps your cat intrigued, stimulated, and entertained.
SKU # 1821945
Prestige Large Dog Tie Out - 30 Ft.
Prestige Large Dog Tie Out 30 Ft
This 30 Ft. tie-out is made of chain links and can accommodate dogs up to 60 lbs.
SKU # 5071499
Pro Pet Salon Concentrated Coat Shine Shampoo
Pro Pet Salon Concentrated Coat Shine Shampoo
Enhance your dog's natural coat color and make it lustrous with Coat Shine Shampoo. Rich and fruity Vanilla Peach scent creates an extra-special bath.
SKU # 5016904
Pretty Bird Premium Food, Small Parrot and Conure
Pretty Bird Premium Food Small Parrot and Conure
Premium Small Parrot and Conure, 3lb.
SKU # 5056436
Petlinks System Twinkle Chute with Lights Cat Toy
Petlinks System Twinkle Chute with Lights Cat Toy
Light up your cat's life with this crackling tunnel toy that features motion-activated lights.
SKU # 5132059
Polly's Suspended Bird Stand
Polly 039 s Suspended Bird Stand
Climbing the chain and rope toy provides hours of entertainment. Catch-tray sized for standard newspaper detaches for easy clean-up. Guaranteed to trim the bird's nails naturally. Climb-stop on each chain prevents bird from climbing out of reach.
SKU # 5036162
Marineland Penguin Rite-Size Replacement Filter Cartridges for Power Filters
Marineland Penguin Rite Size Replacement Filter Cartridges for Power Filters
Heavy-duty plastic frame with floss and carbon traps dirt effectively. Each pre-assembled aquarium filter cartridge slides easily into place, providing superior mechanical and chemical filtration, and making replacement fast, dry and effortless.
SKU # 5073692
Pet Organics No-Stay Furniture Spray
Pet Organics No Stay Furniture Spray
Natural formula. Makes treated surfaces undesirable to pets.
SKU # 2011659
Net Breeder with Spawning Grass
Net Breeder with Spawning Grass
Net Breeder - Safe hiding area for fry.
SKU # 2431118
Fish Flavor Petromalt Hairball Remedy
Fish Flavor Petromalt Hairball Remedy
Petromalt is a safe, effective hairball remedy offered in both fish and malt flavors. Gel form offers simple solutions to please even the most finicky feline.
SKU # 5118713
Pro Plan Selects Puppy Food
Pro Plan Selects Puppy Food
Pro Plan Selects have a unique combination of wholesome, natural ingredients that are carefully selected to deliver high quality taste and nutrition.
SKU # 5109095
Puppy Bathing Wipes
Puppy Bathing Wipes
Perfect for quick clean-ups on the go or after your puppy's been out exploring. Eliminates odors and leaves a baby-powder scent.
SKU # 5016891
Pistachio Paisley Lead
Pistachio Paisley Lead
A soothing paisley patterned lead for your pup.
SKU # 5117358
Beefeaters Flat Rawhide Chews
Beefeaters Flat Rawhide Chews
With all the great flavors in this generous variety pack, your dog will never get bored Flat sticks help remove tartar as your dog chews.
SKU # 5063556
Petmate Designer Bowl
Petmate Designer Bowl
Make every meal tastier in a fashion-forward dish that looks good enough to eat in Petmate offers four-legged fine dining at its best .
SKU # 5129020
Pro Plan Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula Dry
Pro Plan Puppy Lamb amp Rice Formula Dry
Pro Plan nutrition comes from a combination of high-quality ingredients. Real lamb is #1 ingredient. Real lamb provides high-quality protein, which helps support muscle mass for strength and provides energy. Wholesome grains, including rice and oat meal,.
SKU # 5109098
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