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Black Leather Collar
Black Leather Collar
This high-quality black all-leather collar is durable, yet comfortable.
SKU # 5126086
Top Fin? Scrubber Pads
Top Fin Scrubber Pads
Easily removes algae from aquariums. Select either the scrubber for glass or for acrylic aquariums.
SKU # 5101299
ToyShoppe? Loofa Hot Dog
ToyShoppe Loofa Hot Dog
This is a fat hot dog. Almost Chicago style fat. But it only has a red hot and mustard on the bun. Juicy This is a treat he's sure to enjoy.
SKU # 5130026
ToyShoppe? Vinyl Ball w/ Rope Loops
ToyShoppe Vinyl Ball w Rope Loops
Choosing between a rope toy and ball can be one of the toughest decisions your dog makes all day. Don't make him rack his brain. This toy solves his natural canine dilemma.
SKU # 5081299
Top Wing? Parrot Starter Kit
Top Wing Parrot Starter Kit
Starter Kit -Small Parrot/Large Conure 24 x 18 x 31 with 1 wire spacing .
SKU # 5087378
Top Paw? Tie-Out Stakes
Top Paw Tie Out Stakes
Choose from a variety of Tie-Out Stakes to meet your needs, including a complete stake and cable set.
SKU # 2213267
ToyShoppe?  Idle Hand Pumpkin Plush
ToyShoppe Idle Hand Pumpkin Plush
Which to attack first The smiling Jack O' Lantern, or the monster hand Only your dog can decide..
SKU # 5132323
Tetra? Water Wonders Rotala/Moneywart/Red Ludwigia Plant 4-Pack
Tetra Water Wonders Rotala Moneywart Red Ludwigia Plant 4 Pack
Creating a beautiful aqua-scaped aquarium is easy with Water Wonders decorative aquarium plants.
SKU # 5099290
Tetra GreenFree UV Clarifiers and Bulbs
Tetra GreenFree UV Clarifiers and Bulbs
Destroys the algae that produces unsightly green water. .
SKU # 5005217
Top Fin? Stone Cave with Snail Aquarium Decoration
Top Fin Stone Cave with Snail Aquarium Decoration
Give your fish an attractive place to hide with this stone cave aquarium decoration that features a snail for added aesthetic appeal.
SKU # 5062687
Top Wing? Square Bird Cage
Top Wing Square Bird Cage
Square Bird Cage With Large Hinged Front Door Wht/Blue - 18 x 18 x 22 .
SKU # 5089300
ToyShoppe? Teether Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Teether Dog Toys
Combination rubber teether feet and plush toy provides dental stimulation for gums and fun at the same time .
SKU # 5074119
ToyShoppe?  Rope Wrapped Vinyl Bone
ToyShoppe Rope Wrapped Vinyl Bone
Thick vinyl bone with braided rope wrapped around center. Ideal for medium dogs who are heavy chewers .
SKU # 5132447
Tetra Vitaminized Hermit Crab Meal
Tetra Vitaminized Hermit Crab Meal
A complementary food treat for your hermit crab.
SKU # 1051076
Personalized Gold Dog Bone ID Tag
Personalized Gold Dog Bone ID Tag
Mark your territory with personalized pet items.
SKU # 5050520
ToyShoppe? Cat Toy Gift Pack - 13-pc
ToyShoppe Cat Toy Gift Pack 13 pc
Provoke your cat's wildest instincts with this assortment of pounce-worthy toys Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5116445
Top Fin? Multicolor Cat's Eye Marbles
Top Fin Multicolor Cat 039 s Eye Marbles
Beautiful marbles, each a clear color with a unique, colorful cat's eye in the center make a delightful accent to any aquarium or bowl.
SKU # 5126064
ToyShoppe? Vinyl Squeak Ring
ToyShoppe Vinyl Squeak Ring
This bright ring toy is covered in knobs, raised waves, bumps, triangles, and polygons. His teeth and gums will love the textures and he'll love the fact that this toy squeaks, rolls, and has an open design perfect for small to medium mouths.
SKU # 5003355
Chompion Dog Toys
Chompion Dog Toys
For the champion of chompers, this 100% natural rubber toys is tough and durable. Extra grooves and nubs help to clean teeth as your dog chews.
SKU # 5060629
ToyShoppe? Playables Vinyl Funny Foot
ToyShoppe Playables Vinyl Funny Foot
A beautifully manicured foot is important to any dog. They'll gnaw on these red tootsies until you start to worry about your own toes .
SKU # 1812131
Top Fin? Water Conditioner
Top Fin Water Conditioner
Instantly treats tap water, removes harmful chlorine, chloramine and heavy metals.
SKU # 5112884
ToyShoppe? Plush Pirate Skull Dog Toy with Rope
ToyShoppe Plush Pirate Skull Dog Toy with Rope
Yaaarrrrr You and your pup are sure to have a jolly time with this Jolly Roger .
SKU # 5132341
Top Fin? Wood with Stone Base Aquarium Ornament
Top Fin Wood with Stone Base Aquarium Ornament
This resin aquarium ornament will add the look of real driftwood and stone to your tank environment. Safe for fresh and saltwater tanks.
SKU # 5123131
Top Paw? Nylon Collar for Small Dogs
Top Paw Nylon Collar for Small Dogs
Perfectly sized for the petite pooch, these comfortable, nylon collars are fully adjustable and come in a variety of colors.
SKU # 2211192
Top Wing? Arch Style Bird Cage
Top Wing Arch Style Bird Cage
Arch Style Bird Cage - White/Blue 14 x 16 x 17 1/2 .
SKU # 5089280
Top Paw? Sunburst 6' & 4' Nylon Leads
Top Paw Sunburst 6 039 amp 4 039 Nylon Leads
This lead will help keep it in check.
SKU # 2211456
Top Fin? Conditioning Salt
Top Fin Conditioning Salt
The ideal conditioning salt for protecting fish in freshwater aquariums.
SKU # 5112329
U.V. Active Heat Flood Bulb
U V Active Heat Flood Bulb
This versatile bulb combines the benefits of fluorescent lighting and a heat lamp in one.
SKU # 5074499
ToyShoppe? Sisal Scratching Post
ToyShoppe Sisal Scratching Post
Versatile catnip-infused scratcher designed with sisal-loving cats in mind.
SKU # 1821699
Top Fin? Metal T-Valve
Top Fin Metal T Valve
Brass T-valve allows you to run two airlines to ornaments or airstones from one air pump.
SKU # 5098116
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