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ToyShoppe&reg Jack-Shaped Dog Toys
ToyShoppe amp reg Jack Shaped Dog Toys
Dogs love the shape of these boldly colored dog toys, and there's a squeaker in every end for added fun. A PetSmart exclusive .
SKU # 1815038
Top Wing? Bird Cage Seed Guards
Top Wing Bird Cage Seed Guards
Eliminate bird mess around the cage and in the home, machine washable.
SKU # 5015868
Top Paw? Personalized Adjustable Nylon Dog Collars
Top Paw Personalized Adjustable Nylon Dog Collars
Unique touch-lock clasp for opening and closing ease.
SKU # 2212972
T-Rex 2:1 Cal/Phos Reptile Supplement
T Rex 2 1 Cal Phos Reptile Supplement
2:1 Calcium Phosphorus is a powdered supplement with vitamins for herbivorous lizards, turtles and tortoises.
SKU # 2451065
Top Paw? Latigo Center Stitch Leather Collar
Top Paw Latigo Center Stitch Leather Collar
This collar is classic in every way from the high-quality brown Latigo leather to the center stitching, completed with heavy duty nylon thread.
SKU # 5126013
Top Paw? Latigo Round Leather Collar
Top Paw Latigo Round Leather Collar
This Latigo collar is made from top-grain leather distinguished by natural markings. You'll enjoy this collar for its strength and durability.
SKU # 5125786
Laxatone Hairball Remedy
Laxatone Hairball Remedy
This malt-flavored preparation is useful in the prevention and elimination of hairballs. Can also be used as a laxative to treat irregularity.
SKU # 5097287
ToyShoppe? Spiney Hedgehog
ToyShoppe Spiney Hedgehog
Every dog has a favorite toy. Sometimes it's the one with a bit of personality and style, just like this spiny fellow. This guy will squeak his way into your dog's heart.
SKU # 1814568
Top Paw&reg Control Ease Head Collar
Top Paw amp reg Control Ease Head Collar
The basic principle behind this head collar is simple enough: control your dog's head and the body will follow. And, as an added bonus, little or no physical force or strength is needed to attain higher levels of control.
SKU # 5108806
ToyShoppe? Rawhide Ring Toy
ToyShoppe Rawhide Ring Toy
Rawhide Ring Toy.
SKU # 5004922
ToyShoppe? Fishing Rod & Reel Cat Toy
ToyShoppe Fishing Rod amp Reel Cat Toy
Go fishing for fun with this Rod & Reel toy with genuine cast and reel action. Great fun for interactive play and exercise.
SKU # 1821727
Dogs in Action Rubber Dog Toy for Large Dogs
Dogs in Action Rubber Dog Toy for Large Dogs
This tough rubber toy is great for tossing, tug-o-war, or any old roughhousing.
SKU # 5067294
Top Fin? Glass Scrapers
Top Fin Glass Scrapers
Use to scrape hard algae from inside glass aquariums.
SKU # 5101461
Top Wing? Arch Roof Style Bird Cage With Slide-Open Playpen Top
Top Wing Arch Roof Style Bird Cage With Slide Open Playpen Top
Arch Roof Style Bird Cage With Slide-Open Playpen Top - Blue/Granite 18 x 18 x 26 .
SKU # 5089278
Tire Biter Paw Tracks Dog Toys
Tire Biter Paw Tracks Dog Toys
Real, natural rubber tires for heavy chomping and interactive play.
SKU # 5093332
TetraFin Goldfish Crisps
TetraFin Goldfish Crisps
Easy-to-feed, concentrated nutrition for your goldfish.
SKU # 5087723
ToyShoppe&reg Replacement Teasers Cat Toys
ToyShoppe amp reg Replacement Teasers Cat Toys
Replacement teasers for ToyShoppe Teaser Wands (made exclusively for PetSmart).
SKU # 5069019
T-Rex Peek-A-View Burrow
T Rex Peek A View Burrow
Place this foam insert inside your terrarium to view terrestrial animals that spend most of the day hidden in burrows or shelters.
SKU # 5127938
ToyShoppe? Playables Soccer Ball Dumbbell
ToyShoppe Playables Soccer Ball Dumbbell
This is one workout tool sure to get him noticed on the field. Two soccer balls are always better than one and it will squeak no matter where it's squeezed .
SKU # 1812362
Terra Tunnel
Terra Tunnel
These natural tunnels are perfect hideaways for your smaller reptiles.
SKU # 5120962
Top Fin? Conditioning Salt
Top Fin Conditioning Salt
The ideal conditioning salt for protecting fish in freshwater aquariums.
SKU # 5112329
Purina T Bonz
Purina T Bonz
Your dog will think it's a real steak A great way to spoil your best friend anytime.
SKU # 1412132
ToyShoppe? Durables Rubber Stick Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Durables Rubber Stick Dog Toys
A safe rubber stick for your dog to chase, toss and chew until his heart's content.
SKU # 5131721
Top Fin? Bubble Walls
Top Fin Bubble Walls
Create exciting bubble effects in your aquarium with Top Fin's Bubble Walls. Includes suction cups for mounting.
SKU # 1833916
Top Fin? Wooden House Ornament
Top Fin Wooden House Ornament
This wooden house offers your fish incredible amenities like a unique swim through design, water wheel, shade tree and greenery.
SKU # 5095472
Top Fin? Layered Flat Stone
Top Fin Layered Flat Stone
Layers of stone add a natural dimension while giving cover to your finned friends.
SKU # 5018181
Top Paw? Retractable Leads
Top Paw Retractable Leads
The freedom and control of a high quality retractable lead at a great everyday value.
SKU # 2216436
Tetra? Water Wonders Caboma/Ambulia Plant 4-Pack
Tetra Water Wonders Caboma Ambulia Plant 4 Pack
Creating a beautiful aqua-scaped aquarium is easy with Water Wonders decorative aquarium plants.
SKU # 5099296
ToyShoppe? Stuffing Free Fleece Dog Toys
ToyShoppe Stuffing Free Fleece Dog Toys
These fleecy friends are free of stuffing, so you don't have to worry about the mess.
SKU # 5081297
Top Fin? 55-75 Gallon Aquarium Stands
Top Fin 55 75 Gallon Aquarium Stands
Give your fish tank a leg to stand on with these stylish aquarium stands.
SKU # 5072245
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