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Whisker Lickin's Tartar Control Cat Treats
Whisker Lickin 039 s Tartar Control Cat Treats
These crunchy treats combine two of your cat's favorite seafood flavors in one. A resealable plastic canister keeps them fresh.
SKU # 5062429
World's Best Cat Litter
World 039 s Best Cat Litter
This safe, natural, clumpable, scoopable and flushable cat litter is made from whole-kernel corn. It's earth-friendly, biodegradable and effective After your cat has used the litter box, simply scoop the clump and flush it Odors are absorbed natura
SKU # 5081940
Whisker City&reg Organic Sisal/Paper Balls - 4-pack
Whisker City amp reg Organic Sisal Paper Balls 4 pack
Provide hours of interactive play and entertainment .
SKU # 5124155
Whisker City? Fashion Breakaway Cat Collar
Whisker City Fashion Breakaway Cat Collar
Add a little style to your pet's collar with these designer collars that also ensure his or her safety.
SKU # 5088381
Country Vet Cat Air Freshening System and Refill
Country Vet Cat Air Freshening System and Refill
Keep your home smelling fresh automatically with this easy to use system.
SKU # 5086435
Whisker City&reg Organic Fleece Cat Toy with Feathers
Whisker City amp reg Organic Fleece Cat Toy with Feathers
A great interactive toy that is sure to appeal to even the most finicky cat .
SKU # 5124149
Large Clean Living Playpen
Large Clean Living Playpen
Help overcome cage boredom by expanding your pet's environment with a Clean Living Playpen.
SKU # 5120851
Whisker City? Scratching Post - 24 inch
Whisker City Scratching Post 24 inch
Carpeted scratching post provides the ultimate scratching and stretching experience for your cat.
SKU # 1821051
Weaver Deerskin Leather Collars and Leashes
Weaver Deerskin Leather Collars and Leashes
High quality leather collars and leashes lined with extra-soft deeerskin for maximum comfort. Solid brass hardware adds durability.
SKU # 5048773
Whisker City? Leatherette Soft Sided Cat Carrier
Whisker City Leatherette Soft Sided Cat Carrier
Stylish and secure, this carrier will keep kitty comfy on the go.
SKU # 5104137
Ware Manufacturing Backyard Hutch
Ware Manufacturing Backyard Hutch
The perfect combination: hutch and play pen.
SKU # 5109776
Whiskas CatMilk 3 Pack
Whiskas CatMilk 3 Pack
Cats and kittens love milk, but most cats cannot have regular milk because it is hard to digest. That's why we have developed WHISKAS CAT MILK, a natural milk product specially formulated to be 98% lactose reduced - so you can give even the most sens
SKU # 1221444
Whiskas Cat Food
Whiskas Cat Food
Turn mealtime into a savory feast with these delectable flavors in sauce.
SKU # 5121509
Whiskas&reg Choice Cuts(tm) Poultry Variety Pack Cat Food
Whiskas amp reg Choice Cuts tm Poultry Variety Pack Cat Food
Give your cat the variety she craves Contains three pouches each of four different flavors.
SKU # 5014696
Whisker City? Safety Stretch Cat Collars
Whisker City Safety Stretch Cat Collars
Whole collar stretches for safety and perfect fit.
SKU # 5033130
Whisker City? Silver Leather Safety Cat Collar with Rhinestones
Whisker City Silver Leather Safety Cat Collar with Rhinestones
This collar is truly the cat's meow Silver leather and dazzling rhinestones is the purrfect fetching fashion of fancy felines. Made by Whisker City, a PetSmart-exclusive .
SKU # 5133578
Whisker City? Velvet Safety Collar with Rhinestone Heart
Whisker City Velvet Safety Collar with Rhinestone Heart
Velvet collar with a rhinestone heart is fit for a furry royal highness. Whisker City combines comfort, safety, and style in collar that will surely please your pampered princess. Plus, the Safety Collar has a very important feature: If the collar snags,.
SKU # 5125867
Whisker City? Snag-Proof Safety Collars
Whisker City Snag Proof Safety Collars
Purrfect for the practical, yet fashionable feline. This nylon, snag-proof collar comes complete with an important safety feature: if the collar snags, a piece of elastic on the collar reduces the likelihood of choking. The elastic is cleverly disguised b
SKU # 5125164
U-Clip Deluxe Home Pet Grooming Kit
U Clip Deluxe Home Pet Grooming Kit
Great for short hair, face hair and trimming .
SKU # 5120041
Wild Delight? Squirrel Food
Wild Delight Squirrel Food
Nutritionally fortified seed and grain formulation adds vitamin, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and calcium.
SKU # 5092931
Wahl Kennel Pro Pet Clipper Kit
Wahl Kennel Pro Pet Clipper Kit
Whether your pet needs an on-the-spot trim or a new head-to-paw look, these clippers can handle a variety of do-it-yourself grooming jobs.
SKU # 5120019
Whisker City? Rhinestone Cat Collar Charms
Whisker City Rhinestone Cat Collar Charms
Add a dash of sparkle to your kitty's collar with our sassy rhinestone adorned charms.
SKU # 5125893
Whisker City? Ribbon Charm Safety Cat Collar
Whisker City Ribbon Charm Safety Cat Collar
Safety and stylish looks all in one. Collars have safety release feature designed to release if the collar gets caught, allowing pet to slip free.
SKU # 5096371
Whisker City? Little Angel
Whisker City Little Angel
Everyone knows your cat is no angel, but these wings will make your little devil look divine. So cute .
SKU # 5132818
Whisker City? Stars & Stripes Breakaway Cat Collars
Whisker City Stars amp Stripes Breakaway Cat Collars
Share the patriotic spirit with your feline friends by treating them to one of these Stars & Stripes Breakaway Collars.
SKU # 5019567
Whisker City? French Country Soft-Sided Cat Carrier
Whisker City French Country Soft Sided Cat Carrier
With a romantic French Country style, this elegant carrier is a welcoming and cozy way to keep kitty safe on the go. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5121952
Clean Living Medium Add-A-Level Cage
Clean Living Medium Add A Level Cage
Your ceiling is the only limit to how tall your pet's home can grow.
SKU # 5120856
Whisker City? Plush Two-Tone Mat
Whisker City Plush Two Tone Mat
This plush, faux-fur mat can be placed anywhere you'd like to encourage your pet to sleep.
SKU # 5119690
Whisker City&reg Terra Cotta Cat Bowls
Whisker City amp reg Terra Cotta Cat Bowls
Genuine terra cotta with a colorful glaze makes these cat bowls a stylish way to serve kitty her meals.
SKU # 5065543
Whisker City? Suede Safety Cat Collar with Ribbon Overlay
Whisker City Suede Safety Cat Collar with Ribbon Overlay
This Safety Collar offers a combination of style, safety and comfort that your kitty will thank you for. This wine colored collar is made of soft suede with a stylish ribbon overlay and matching bell charm. Plus, the Safety Collar has a very important fea
SKU # 5125880
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