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Whiskas Cat Food
Whiskas Cat Food
Turn mealtime into a savory feast with these delectable flavors in sauce.
SKU # 5121509
Ware Manufacturing Premium+Hutch
Ware Manufacturing Premium Hutch
Quality hutch with a Hop Way door so your pet can come and go.
SKU # 5108788
All Living Things&reg Round Thermometer
All Living Things amp reg Round Thermometer
An easy and accurate way to measure the temperature in your reptile's habitat.
SKU # 5112071
Small Pet Harness & Leash
Small Pet Harness amp Leash
This safe and comfortable pet harness and leash is as easy as 1-2-3 to use .
SKU # 5121507
Pocket Trimmer for Dogs
Pocket Trimmer for Dogs
Compact, battery powered clipper fits in the palm of your hand.
SKU # 5044171
Whisper Power Filter Spare Parts Bio-Foam Kit
Whisper Power Filter Spare Parts Bio Foam Kit
Replacement bio-foam kit.
SKU # 5116014
Clean Living Large Add-A-Level Cage
Clean Living Large Add A Level Cage
Expand your furry friend's home one story at a time.
SKU # 5120853
Whisker City? Plush Two-Tone Mat
Whisker City Plush Two Tone Mat
This plush, faux-fur mat can be placed anywhere you'd like to encourage your pet to sleep.
SKU # 5119690
Clean Living Large 6-Level Cage
Clean Living Large 6 Level Cage
Clean Living Cages can grow as your pet grows.
SKU # 5120855
Whiskas Hairball Control Cat Treats
Whiskas Hairball Control Cat Treats
These treats have a tasty crunchy outside and an irresistible soft center that helps eliminate and prevent hairballs. And your cat will love the delicious taste .
SKU # 5075797
Whisker City? Snag-Proof Safety Collars
Whisker City Snag Proof Safety Collars
Purrfect for the practical, yet fashionable feline. This nylon, snag-proof collar comes complete with an important safety feature: if the collar snags, a piece of elastic on the collar reduces the likelihood of choking. The elastic is cleverly disguised b
SKU # 5125164
Whisker City? Argyle Cat Safety Collar
Whisker City Argyle Cat Safety Collar
Is your cat really a preppy pet Then surprise her with this argyle print collar complete with brown and orange tones. Also, this collar is more than just good looking-it also comes complete with an important safety feature: if the collar snags, the clasp
SKU # 5124711
Whisker City? Reflective Adjustable Cat Collars
Whisker City Reflective Adjustable Cat Collars
These adjustable collars feature a breakaway buckles and an assortment of fun, reflective designs.
SKU # 5072566
Whiskas Choice Cuts Chef's Favorites 12 Pack
Whiskas Choice Cuts Chef 039 s Favorites 12 Pack
Whiskas flavor-lock pouch seals in the freshness and nutrients cat enjoy, for a fresh meal every time. Pack of 12 Chef's Favorites includes 3 Chicken Dinner in Gravy, 3 With Tuna in Sauce, 3 With Beef in Gravy, and 3 With Turkey in Gravy.
SKU # 5109122
Nature Ball for Small Pets
Nature Ball for Small Pets
Safe, ball-shaped chew toy is made of all natural sisal material.
SKU # 5115971
Whisker City? Reflective Cat Harness
Whisker City Reflective Cat Harness
Get your cat noticed and keep her safe with our adjustable nylon harness patterned with reflective moons and stars. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5117763
Whisker Lickin's Tartar Control Cat Treats
Whisker Lickin 039 s Tartar Control Cat Treats
These crunchy treats combine two of your cat's favorite seafood flavors in one. A resealable plastic canister keeps them fresh.
SKU # 5062429
Whisker Lickin's Dreamy Duos Chicken & Liver Flavored Cat Treats
Whisker Lickin 039 s Dreamy Duos Chicken amp Liver Flavored Cat Treats
Dreamy Duos cat treats feature two tastes in one crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.
SKU # 5087273
Three-Level Ferret Furniture
Three Level Ferret Furniture
Your ferret will love having his very own furniture to climb on and hide in.
SKU # 5116115
Whisker City&reg Catnip Pouch Cat Toy
Whisker City amp reg Catnip Pouch Cat Toy
Enhance your favorite feline's play time with this 100% catnip pouch .
SKU # 5124156
Whisker City? Corrugated Cat Scratchers
Whisker City Corrugated Cat Scratchers
Corrugated cardboard scratchers from Whisker City encourage healthy, safe and instinctive scratching.
SKU # 5014000
Whisker City? Replacement Cat Scratcher  2 pack
Whisker City Replacement Cat Scratcher 2 pack
Two pack of replacement scratchers for use with Whisker City scratchers and furniture.
SKU # 5124300
Meat Blast Porkhide Twists
Meat Blast Porkhide Twists
For the ultimate tail-waggin', chewing satisfaction, break out the Meat Blast Porkhide Twists .
SKU # 5121014
Whisker City? Sherpa Cat Den
Whisker City Sherpa Cat Den
This sherpa-lined den spoils your comfort-seeking kitty in warmth and security. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5122183
Ware Nest-N-Nibble Edible Nest for Small Pets
Ware Nest N Nibble Edible Nest for Small Pets
All-natural, edible nest for small pets makes the perfect hide-out, a comfortable bed or cozy place to raise a family.
SKU # 5126564
Ware Manufacturing Small Fun Tunnel
Ware Manufacturing Small Fun Tunnel
The Fun Tunnel expands 2-1/2 feet to fulfill your critter's instinctive burrowing needs.
SKU # 5135342
Whisker City? Sheepskin Cat Bed
Whisker City Sheepskin Cat Bed
This sheepskin covered cozy den will ensure your cat the sweetest of dreams. Made exclusively for PetSmart.
SKU # 5125215
Whisker City? Organic Wool Mice
Whisker City Organic Wool Mice
Organic wool mice have pom-pom tails to provoke your cat's wildest instincts.
SKU # 5124200
Wahl Switchblade Variable Speed Dog Clipper
Wahl Switchblade Variable Speed Dog Clipper
Clip it quick with the revolutionary linear drive system in this lightweight, yet powerful, professional clipper.
SKU # 5120351
Ware Manufacturing Backyard Hutch
Ware Manufacturing Backyard Hutch
The perfect combination: hutch and play pen.
SKU # 5109776
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